Do you have a hobby or profession--like dancing--that is seriously hard on your feet? Learn how a podiatrist can help your feet.

Don’t Be “Defeeted”: You Really Can Have Soft, Healthy Feet You’re Not Embarrassed To Show The World

24 July 2019
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From high school locker rooms to public swimming pools to backyard barbecues, people the world over are ashamed to show their feet. It's really unfortunate, considering how comfortable it is to kick off your shoes and put your feet up. Rather than accepting "defeet," why not take action to improve the look, feel, and health of your feet, so they're not so embarrassing or uncomfortable?  Wear Proper Shoes And Cotton Socks Read More …

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Hi there, I’m Samantha Duggar. Welcome to my site. As a dancer, I have to keep my podiatrist on speed dial. Bunions, blisters and broken toes are the name of the game while dancing your heart out on stage. Since the adrenaline produced during the performance masks the pain, I often cause extensive damage before noticing the problem. My podiatrist helps me minimize the pain and heal quickly so I can return to the stage as soon as possible. Please use the information on my site to help keep your feet healthy with regular visits to your podiatrist. Thanks for visiting.